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7.8.1 Establishment: 1990

7.8.2 Background: The Dalit Movement needs constant review and reassessment in the light of the changes in the social, political and economic situation in the country. The strategies adopted need evaluation from time to time for carrying out appropriate modifications. A diligent study of national and international circumstances and interaction with other sections of population is also necessary. CARDs considers that the Dalit Intelligentsia have a vital role to play in this task. All India Association of Dalit Intelligentsia was established to fulfil this role.

7.8.3 Objectives:
- To bring Dalit Intelligentsia on a common National platform.

- To build up the support of Dalit Intelligentsia to the Dalit Movement.

7.8.4 Activities:
- Seminars, Meetings and Discussions of Intelligentsia for a comprehensive evaluation and understanding of the thoughts of Marx, Mao, Lenin, Ambedkar and other social thinkers in the context of Dalit Problems.

- Programmes on Research on Dalit Issues.

- Publications on Dalit issues.

- Constitution of Fact Finding committees to make enquiries and take necessary legal measures in cases of atrocities committed against Dalits.

- Development of relations with SC and ST Commissions and National Human Rights Commission to safeguard the lawful and constitutional rights of Dalits.

7.8.5 Eligibility:

- Only Dalits holding Degree or higher academic qualification are eligible for membership of the Association.