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7.7.1 Establishment: 1990

7.7.2 Back ground:

Womens Movement in Andhra Pradesh is spearheaded  by various women’s organisations working on different issues and platforms.  Dalit Women’s Forum of Andhra Pradesh is one of them and is devoted exclusively to the problems of Dalit women. In addition to the Common Dalit Problems like illiteracy, ignorance, diseases, untouchability etc., they have to face gender discrimination and domination, within their own community on the one hand, and also sexual assaults and abuse by the people of the upper castes on the other hand. As these issues are of common concern to the Dalit women all over India, CARDS took the initiative to form a national level organisation “All India Dalit Women’s Forum” in 1990.

7.7.3   Structure:

The Forum is managed by a Governing Body, consisting of a President, two Vice Presidents, a General Secretary, a Secretary and a joint secretary. The lower level units from the state to village level have also similar structures. The All India Forum is headed by M/s. Swarnalatha Devi of CARDS and is working under the guidance of Dalit Open University of India.

7.7.4 Activities:

- Bringing the problems of Dalit women into special focus in the national press and other national media.

- Coordination with other National Level Women’s organisations on the problems of Dalit women.

- Representations to the Govt. authorities on the issues concerning Dalit Women.

- Implementing of programmes on Womens issues with the support of Govt. Departments and other National and International Organisations.