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7.6.1   Establishment: 1988

7.6.2   Back ground:

There are discriminating social systems like the caste system of India in other countries also such as United States, Britain, Zimbabawe, Uganda, Ruanda, Palestine etc., having conflicts on the grounds of Race, Complexion, Religion, etc. The International Human Rights Commission recognized the need to take notice of the human miseries arising out of these conflicts. It is against this background that the International forum for Dalit Development came to be established.

7.6.3   Objectives:

- To campaign for International notice of Dalit Movement in India and seek International support.

- To learn from the experiences of the national forums in other discriminatory societies around the world.

7.6.4   Activities:

- Members of CARDS visited about 20 countries to study the discriminatory social systems there and interacted with similar activists there.

- CARDS participated in the International Christian Conference at Geneva in 1988 and explained to the delegates how the caste system and poverty are inseparably intertwined and the role and activities of Dalit Movement in India.

- Under took programmes for Dalit Development with International support.