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Awareness and Education to Dalits

The Vision:

- CARDS dreams about and envisions that all Dalit Communities become integral part of Indian Society in every single respect both in letter and spirit and that all people belonging to all Dalit Communities become indistinguishable from other citizens by law, status, place, position, residence or any other consideration whatever.

The Mission:

- It is the avowed mission of CARDS to strive towards liberation of Dalits from every single vestige and form of discrimination and oppression both in law and in real practice and to strive towards ensuring that the Dalit people every-where legitimately receive and enjoy the same rights, and privileges as other citizens in similar position.

The Strategy:

- The Strategy of CARDS in the pursuit of its Mission is to conceive, design, plan and implement programmes for Dalits to achieve,

1. Total Literacy.

2. Equal and adequate educational opportunities.

3. Equal and Adequate Health care facilities including Community Health and Sanitation.

4. Obliteration of all manifestations of untouchability.

5. Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation Programmes

6. Awareness of democratic values and empowerment with free and fair opportunities to exercise their rights including the right to franchise.

7. Economic empowerment by facilitating and providing opportunities for economic development and ensuring the implementation of government policies and programmes, more particularly Land Reforms.

8. Cultural Renaissance based on the revival and promotion of the traditional forms of arts and culture.

9. Gender equality and women empowerment.

10. Environmental security and safeguards.

11. Equal and adequate communication and transport facilities.

12. Organisation of youth and women groups.

13. Elimination of and protection from child labour and bonded labour practices.

14. Promotion of rural sports and physical culture.

15. Adequate and effective representation in all avenues of employment opportunities.

16. Motivation of educated Dalit Youth to be part of Dalit Movement and take forward the movement to other areas and to succeeding generations, keeping the Vision of CARDS in focus.

17. Management and leadership in all critical areas of Dalit Movement to be held exclusively by Dalits.

18. Collaboration and Coordination with all Govt. and Non-Govt Organisations and Movements working for similar goals and objectives.