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7.1.1  This is a high profile and prestigious programme undertaken by CARDS in the year 1980 and is the first of several programmes implemented for Forging Dalit Identity.

7.1.2  A team of 10 members from a German NGO visited Guntur District in Andhra Pradesh in 1980. They carried out a study on the state of Agriculture here and the socio-economic conditions of the people. They interacted with a number of NGOs and were impressed with the profile of CARDs. They invited a team of workers from CARDs to visit Germany. Accordingly CARDs selected 10 farmers and sent them to visit Germany in the same year.

7.1.3 The team studied various aspects of agriculture management there. They also observed the Socio-Economic conditions and the cultural aspects of life. When they returned they implemented some of the practices of the agricultural management they studied there, with appropriate modifications. They also innovated some alternative methods with good advantage. While in Germany, they impressed their German hosts with displays of street plays, songs, and traditional Indian Folk arts in a number of places, visited by them.

7.1.4 Since then there is regular exchange of visits.  Many Dalit farmers, Social Workers, Students visited Germany under this programme sofar. This programme has promoted International understanding between the peoples of the two countries about the social, economic, political and cultural life of the poor people and the impact of caste and class on their living conditions.