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8.2.1 Commencement: 1994


8.2.2 Background:

One of the key aspects of Womens problems is their total economic dependence on men. This leads to a host of gender problems such as discrimination, subjugation, harassment, violence, sexual abuse, forced prostitutions, dowry evil etc. Hence economic development of women is therefore a vital part of Women’s Empowerment.



8.2.3   Activities:

  • Organisation of Women’s Self Help groups.

  • Promotion of thrift among women

  • Training workers to supervise the Micro credit programme.


    Provision of Micro Credit to Dalit women in Krishna, Guntur, Prakasham, Kurnool and the East and West Godavari Districts involving disbursement of loans for income generation programme .

The women covered by the Micro credit programme have undertaken Micro-economic enterprises like Milch cattle, provision shops, etc., and benefited by supplementing their family incomes substantially. This has enhanced the educational and medical aid opportunities in their families,  besides giving them a better status in the family and community.