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8.1.1   Establishment: 1993

8.1.2   Back ground:

The latter half of 20th Century witnessed an upsurge in women’s movements in Andhra Pradesh generally. Dalit women were also inspired and influenced by these movements. They were gradually getting out of the quagmire of illiteracy, ignorance and inertness and becoming more and more sensitive and responsive to gender issues, albeit in limited pockets of development. An all India Dalit Womens Forum has already come into existence under the leadership of CARDS to take forward the movement at National Level. CARDS considered that Dalit women should also become part of the main stream women’s movement to realise the long term Vision of a casteless society. Education being the chief requirement of the Vision, the Womens Educational Development Sadan was established keeping this in view.

8.1.3   Activities     

  • Planning and coordination of programmes for promotion of womens education.

  • Coordination of the womens education programmes with other activities concerning womens empowerment.

  • Promoting awareness of sociological issues as part of women’s educational programmes.

A Christian Women’s Degree College at Guntur to provide better access to Degree level education for Dalit girls after completing Intermediate education.