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7.4.1   Establishment: 1985

7.4.2   Background:

Literature is a reflexing mirror as well as an instrument of changes in the conditions of the society. In Andhra Pradesh, the organisations of Telugu writers have been attempting to bring about progressive and revolutionary social changes as in other parts of India and the world generally. But the outcome has been mostly cosmetic and unsubstantial as they did not focus their efforts on the typical compulsions of the casteridden society and the fact that the morbid conditions of the Dalits is both the cause and effect of the growing morass of the socio- economic tensions and despair. Dalit writers forum has been established to remedy this situation in the writer’s movement.

7.4.3   Activities:

- Given a new direction and dimension to Telugu literature with Dalit issues as the focal points of attention.

- Brought about a unity of purpose and thought among Dalit writers.

- Provided training to Dalit Writers to create an in-depth understanding on various Dalit issues.

- Coordinated activities with Dalit writers in  other languages at Regional and national level

- Preserved old Dalit literature and under took research in that context.

- Explored opportunities for publishing Dalit journals in Regional and National Languages.

- Adopted into its fold prominent writers such as Kolakaluri Enoch, Donepudi Mohan Prasad, Nuthakki Abraham, Madhuri Nagesh Babu, etc.

- Organised seminars, meetings, and conferences to bring about publications on Dalit issues.

- Encouraged new and young Dalit writers.