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7.3.1   Commencement: 1983

7.3.2 Background:

Dalits have their own traditional art forms like Dappu (Hand-drum – Beating to the tune of Folk Songs), Damarukam (Drumlet – playing with hands to the tune of folk songs).  Kolatam (group drill with a baton in each hand and moving around in rhythmic action tuned to a Chorus). With the advent of cinema and electronic media entertainments, the traditional art forms have been receding into the oblivion by and by. Art being a reflection of real life and therefore an effective medium to create awareness on life problems, CARDs has chosen to establish “Dalit Cultural Form” as an instrument of Dalit Renaissance.

7.3.3   Objectives:

To revive and rejuvenate the native arts of Dalits and make use of them to create awareness of their problems among them.

- To eliminate the inferiority complex among Dalits about their own culture and to recreate their self confidence and pride about them.

- To stimulate discussion about the pro and anti Dalit trends in the current cinema, theatre and the electronic entertainment.

7.3.4   Activities:

- Innovated new themes in the traditional arts to suit the current needs of Dalit problems.

- Identified Dalit artists living in anonymity and hibernation and adopted them into the fold of Dalit Cultural Forum.

- Organised discussions among the intelligentsia and the writer fraternity on Cinemas etc., Concerning Dalit Sentiments.

- Given training to Dalit Youth in the Dalit arts.

- Organised cultural competitions in Dalit arts.