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10.2.1 Commencement:   2002

10.2.2 Background:

Guntur is a city of ……. Millions. It has large slum areas like any other Indian city. The slum areas K.V.P. Nagar have a population of 15012. Guntur Municipal Corporation constructed an Urban Health Centre in the slum area of Krishna Babu Colony a rural extention of Guntur City. And its administration was entrusted it to CARDs, considering its track record in voluntary sector as a NGO.

10.2.3 Activities:

- The Urban Health Centre (UHC) is not a Hospital and does not have inpatient facilities.

- It works as a clinic and dispensary of medicines.

- For patients coming with ailments like TB, Leprosy etc., services of a suitable specialist are requisitioned.

- Medicines not readily available at the UHC are supplied by local purchase or by referring the cases to the govt. hospital.

- Patients found to be having cardiac ailment, are referred to Govt. Hospital for specialist treatment.

- Pregnant women are given a quarterly Health check up and given special attention.

- They are provided with the special aid of Rs. 300/- each from the state Govt. scheme of “SUKHEE BHAVA”.

- A data base of pregnant women is kept to arrange for their family planning operation in all eligible cases.

- The Health workers of the centre make house to house visits in surrounding slum areas to render routine medicare services, immunisation services and Healthcare awareness about personal and community hygiene, nutrition, and preventive medicare about diarrhea, encephalitis etc.,

- The UHC also conducts Health Camps every Saturday with the help of some specialist Doctors.

- The health workers also arrange ambulance services from Govt. Hospital.

- The clinic works from 8 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 7 pm for 6 days in a week observing every Monday as weekly off day.

- An average of 40 patients take outpatient treatment at the clinic every day.

- The UHC belongs to category A and therefore pays full scale salaries to the staff. unlike the lower categories of UHCs.

- The Centre meets the Health Care needs of about 5000 slum dwellers, most of whom are Dalits belonging to below poverty line category.

10.2.4 Targets:

- Achieving 90% coverage of all pregnant women with comprehensive services such as periodical check up, counseling, vitamin supplements, immunization, screening for high risk cases etc.

- Institutional deliveries in at least 80% cases.

- Immunization of the new born children and administration of Vitamin A upto 90%.

- Reduction of child mortality to 25%.

- Compliance of minimum age of marriage upto 80%.

- Couple protection rate upto 70%.

- Increasing proportion of vasectomy cases upto 15% of the Sterilizations.