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9.1.1 Commencement: 1987

9.1.2 Location: Prakash Nagar, Kandrika

9.1.3 Back Ground:

Bollapalli Mandal in Guntur District is a remote forest area inhabited mostly by tribal people. In the course of its Drought relief work in the area, CARDS noticed a number of Tribal Children in the area were crippled and disabled due to Polio and Other causes.

9.1.4 Objectives:

To provide rehabilitation through education and employment for the disabled children and create a new hope in their lives.

9.1.5 Activities:

- Organising a special school for the Physically disabled.

- Identifying the really needy disabled children and educate their families to send them for schooling.

- Provision of Health Care and Medical assistance required by the affected children.

- Non-formal education to over aged children.

- Formal education in a Bridge course of two years before admitting them into the main stream educational system.

Finding ways and means of equipping each child with means of transport like wheeled chair, tricycle etc..