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6.6.1 Establishment: 1994

6.6.2 Background: The successful performances of the Rural Christian Junior College and the Father Heyer Degree College have given the fillip and motivation to start a separate Degree College for women to answer the growing needs of Dalits for quality women’s education at Degree level.

6.6.3 Location: The college is located at Guntur in the upper floor of the premises of CARDS. The location has the specific advantages of the green vegetation of a garden in the compound, a high level of safety and security, provided at the CARDS office, a close supervision by the Management of CARDS, and constant liaison with the CARDS Staff.

6.6.4 Activities:

1. Degree Level education for the girl students who qualify from the Rural Christian Junior College and also from other areas.

2. The college is affiliated to Nagarjuna University and adopts the same syllabus and standards.

3. The College provides Degree level education in Arts and Humanities subjects only.

4. The College serves the same sociological objectives as the Rural Christian College with special emphasis on gender issues and women’s movements.

5. The college has NCC and NSS facilities as well as an attached Residential Hostel.

6. The students are given coaching for competitive examinations against quota of vacancies reserved for Dalit Women in Public Services.