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6.1.1 Commencement:   1979

6.1.2 Area: Villages in Ponur, Pallapatla, and Baptla Samities of Guntur District.

6.1.3 Objectives: Imparting literacy and education in rural areas based on rational thinking and humanitarian attitude instead of the prevailing metaphysical attitude based on the superstitious and irrational theory of FATE.

6.1.4 Activities:

1. An innovated educational curriculum related to the requirements, environment, attitudes and local circumstances of Dalits, which is far different from the standard curriculum of ordinary schools.

2. Medium of the traditional forms of Dalit Folk Arts and Culture.

3. Technical and operational upgradation of traditional Dalit skills and crafts to suit the needs of the present day living to make them more gainful sources of livelihood.

4. Creating awareness among local Dalits about the ownership of agricultural lands in the village, their own vital role as agricultural labour in land management and the inequitable relationship between the two.

5. Dual Purpose “Pragathi Schools” in the villages to function as regular schools for Dalit Children during day time and as non-formal education centres for school drop outs and Adults during night times. These schools are covering about 2000 Dalit Children.

6. Providing employment to two local Dalit Youth one male and another female for the management of the Pragathi Schools on Honorarium basis.

7. Kindergarten schools and Balwadi Kendras for the needs of Dalit kids. These schools mitigate the evil practice of child labour in the village. They cultivate a mindset for education in early childhood and enable them to perform better on par with the children of other communities when they go to regular schools